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Natural phenomenons may possibly hit without warning, therefore the U.S. administration highly suggests every household prepare a special survival pack.

These particular kits (also referred to as “bug-out bags”) require a sufficient amount of food items, fluids, and tools to last a minimum of about 3 days. Your “bug-out bag” should be as light in weight as possible, in order to transport for a number of miles.

Whether if you’re in the wilderness, hiking, camping, or a natural disaster we’re going to talk about emergency items that should automatically be included on your survival kit list in case of an emergency.

Food and Water

The most valuable thing to pack up in a survival kit is fluid for consumption in addition to sterilization. As stated by experts, a doomsday or apocalypse survival pack will need to include 1 gallon of drinking water per man or woman each day for a minimum of 3 days.

It needs to, in addition consist of up to a three-day source of nonperishable food, that include granola, peanut butter, canned drinks (don’t forget a manual can opener), dehydrated fruit with necessary protein and even fruit bars.

First Aid Items

At the very least, a first-aid kit on all preppers list will need to carry:

  • Sterile Rubber Gloves – To avoid touching wounds with your bare hands.
  • Disinfectant For cuts or injuries
  • Antibiotics – In case your wounds get infected
  • Burn Cream – In case of skin damage caused by fire or extremely hot surfaces
  • Thermometer – To use if anyone gets sick and also one to check the temperature of the environment.
  • Adhesive Bandages – To properly cover injuries

Also putting together some scissors, tweezers in addition to aspirin, along with prescribed medicine and spectacles will prove most helpful, in case it’s needed.


Chlorine bleach should be included in your prepper kit. Paired with a medicine dropper, drinking water can be made safe for consumption. To do so, you will need to combine 16 drops of the chlorine per gallon of water.

It will also come in handy for sanitizing surfaces used for food prep and consumption, and to aide in preventing the spread of sickness and disease.

Personal Hygiene

When it comes to survival, toiletries may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of things to include in your kit. But if possible to include, they makes a survival situation slightlyn more comfortable. Some to consider:

  • Wet wipes
  • Razor
  • Soap
  • Wash cloth
  • Toothbrush

All-Purpose Tools

You want to make your preppers checklist even more efficient? A flashlight and some additional battery packs is a must-have, a mobile phone with a charging device, as well as a hand-crank or even battery-powered radio.

Furthermore, pack a good multi-use gadget and also a knife, for instance an Army Knife and Multi-purpose tool. If possible, keep a whistle around for signaling in case you spot or hear anyone in the area that can be of assistance.

Cash and Personal Documents

When surviving during times such as natural disasters, it is best to keep small bills. If you use bills smaller than a $20, it makes it easy to break change.

Along with cash; important personal documents such as you and your family members’ social security number cards, insurance paperwork, birth certificates, and any other identification should be kept in a ziplock bag for protection. You wouldn’t want these critical things getting wet or dirty.

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