15 Uses For a Survival Knife For Any Condition | Survival Tips And Tricks

Uses For a Survival Knife For Any Condition Survival Tips And Tricks

One very important fact about survival knives is that no matter what, you will always find one (or more) of them included in any survival kit or gear. It’s undoubtedly among the most convenient tools that is almost mandatory to have in your possession.

It is even strongly advised by specialists to have a knife with you at all times. That being said, In this article, we’re going to get into 15 ways this tools can be a lifesaver in almost any situation related to survival.

1.) Self Defense


One things for sure is that knives are considered weapons. It can be proved useful in self defense against vicious animals and people making it instant security the minute it’s in your hand.

Here’s some example video on knife fighting techniques:

2.) Clearing Pathways


So long as the knife is massive enough, it is easy to make use of it to slash a path via thick shrubbery whenever you’re on the go in the wilderness. To add a more advanced reach, find a sturdy wooden stick and tie the knife to it for more effective results.

3.) Hunting

Uses-For-a-Survival-Knife-For-Any-Condition-Survival-Tips-And-Tricks-Clear-HuntingA knife is not only good for close encounters, but also if you properly secure it to the end of a pole-like stick, it makes as an efficient throwing weapon when hunting down animals. Keep in mind though, this is something that needs to be practiced and mastered before trying it out in the field.

4.) Chopping Wood


When it comes to using a survival knife to chop wood, it would be best to have a heavy piece of wood to use like a baton. You can slit wood by placing the sharp edge of the knife onto a tree branch or log And baton the back of the blade, hitting it as had as you can

The wood will eventually split. Just know that a double edged knife will not be suitable for the job and be sure that the blade is made from high quality material. You’re going to want to avoid accidentally breaking the knife due to the high amount of stress it’s taking while batoning.

Here an example video on cutting wood with a survival knife:

5.) Creating Fire


Picture yourself stuck in the woods, jungle, or just camping with nothing to start a fire with and don’t really have great knowledge of rubbing two sticks together (if you know what I mean). Well this is where a knife comes in handy when creating a fire.

All you have to do is ready a good amount of tinder and with a stone, strike it with the knife until you will start to notice sparks. With practice, the tinder will catch the sparks and start to burn like coal. Give it a few gentle blows to feed it some oxygen and you will then start to see a fire.

Here’s an example tip of how to create a fire using a knife and stone:

6.) A Tool For Digging


As long as the blade is properly designed, it can very well function as a small sized shovel if need be. It is possible to scoop out a flame pit, burrow a opening to do away with waste, and also create a S.O.S. warning sign in the mud as well as snow.

7.) Hammering Tool


The bottom end of a powerful survival knife can effectively be used to hammer stakes down when setting up tents or nailing wood.

Here’s an example trick on using a survival knife as a hammer:

8.) A Stake


If you happen to be running low on stakes, a knife is definitely the next best thing. Hammering into the ground deep enough, your will then serve as an anchor.

9.) Urgent Modification


There may be times where you will find yourself making a few changes to your survival gear. A knife can be very helpful when cutting pieces of clothing, prying something open with ease or even twisting screws in certain equipment.

10.) Making Other Tools


We’ve highlighted just some of the best way a blade is able to function as a brilliant instrument, however let us not forget that a superior knife has the ability to create tools to suit your needs.

For starters, a knife can be used to a to trim down the edge of a stake in addition to a spear. It can also create tools such as traps, fish hooks and many more.

11.) Make A Rope


Just find the bark of a tree and slice some long strips out. Afterwards cut the strips thinner. This trick will allow you to weave them into a sturdy rope.

12.) Creating Shelter


In terms of building shelter, it would be beneficial to use a hatchet or saw. In the event that you don’t have any of these tools, there’s always your knife as a backup.

We talked about chopping wood, crafting out some stakes and weaving out together ropes. Now you can cut out notches to place the cords through.

Here’s a peek at how to build a shelter using a survival knife:

13.) First Aid Tool


The knife could very well be an essential device in the course of a health-related crisis. Sure you can rip apart some bandages or remove fragments of wood or metal from a damaged part of your body.

However, you would be running a risk of infection or a wound that will not heal properly. Now if you wave a knife through some fire to sterilize it (especially when trying to survive in the wilderness) and use this to treat to your injuries, it’ll be a lot less complicated

14.) Rescue Tool


If a person is stuck in their automobile after a collision, you can smash open a window and slice through a seat belt with your survival knife. Not only can a knife be used for combat, but it can also save lives.

15.) Signaling Device


If your knife is shiny enough, you could use it as a signal mirror to get someone’s attention. As long as the blade part of the knife is shiny this cool survival trick will work. Just angle the knife towards some sunlight to bring attention to yourself for help.

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Don’t forget to practice safety when handling tools such as these. And  remember, sharing is caring. Thanks!